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The management of post-consumer plastic packaging has now become a global problem, and as such it must be managed and addressed in order to involve and raise awareness of all citizens.

For this reason, the RiPET company was born in 2020, an industrial company active in the field of environmental sustainability. The collection system implemented by RiPET makes it possible to actively involve the citizen in the collection and disposal of the plastic material coming from the bottles, thus allowing each individual to be able to do his or her part in environmental protection and to be able to feel an integral part of a community working for the future.

The RiPET selective collection system is a technologically advanced tool, designed to be simple to use and connected to the network 24h, allowing complete traceability of the collected material.

Reverse Vending Machine


The intelligent system of waste management for private companies and public administration.
Reverse Vending Machine installation for a reward system.

RiPay is the App that rewards you.


The purpose of the company is to encourage the recycling of materials that could be very harmful if disposed of differently.

We aim for continuous innovation of our products. We are constantly looking for technological improvement of our system. To contribute to the protection of the environment and public health, we combine the professionalism and competence of our staff with the performance of our ecocompactors.

Brand Reputation

Our brands RiPET, Ripress and Ricicletta are currently registered in Europe.

The Ripet company can provide its own brand image established in Italy as a guarantee of the quality of the product supplied, thanks to strategic partnerships established with the best Italian suppliers and collaborators. The Ripet ecocompactor boasts the peculiarity of being inimitable and difficult to tamper with.

The main claim is to provide the user with the possibility of identifying his collection action in a gesture of environmental protection that makes him feel part of a larger community that cooperates for the planet.

We have activated advertising campaigns on a dedicated website and social networks in order to raise awareness among the population of more sustainable waste disposal.

The production of recycled PET allows a 5-fold reduction in CO2 emissions compared to the production of virgin PET.

The user is given the special task of saving the Earth bottle by bottle, can by can.

The introduction of the deposit system for returnable waste will increase the citizen’s willingness to confer waste inside the dedicated eco-compactor because, if dispersed in a different way, it will not allow him to have access to the deposit previously paid at the deed of return. purchase.


We believe in the sustainability of our business, which moves us daily towards an increasingly green world.

Our recycling system is constantly evolving both in terms of quality (automation of the process) and quantity (increase of material collected in the smallest possible space).

We are aimed at improving the standards of separate waste collection in places belonging to the catchment area served, through the development of innovative technologies and the consolidation of existing ones.

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