Eco-compactors are widespread throughout Italy thanks to the involvement of a dense network of public and private companies which includes many large-scale retail chains and places of public transit, with a decisive role played by Coripet, the consortium recognized by the Ministry of the Environment which brings together producers, converters and recyclers of PET bottles.

The Coripet consortium has chosen Ripet eco-compactors for numerous installations in large-scale distribution such as Carrefour, Mercatò, Le Roy Merlin, PAM, Conad.

Thanks to the Coripet project, points of sale can have the eco-compactor on loan for use, with a completely personalized livery, in favor of:

  • awareness of customers to respect the environment
  • customer loyalty: the collection rewards you
  • image of green points of sale and participate in a circular economy in a concrete way

Furthermore, our machines are compatible with INDUSTRY 4.0 and the new Italian MANGIAPLASTICA DECREE, which allows Municipalities to obtain an important contribution for the purchase of eco-compactors for the recycling of PET bottles.

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