The C-Front model has a footprint of 240×160 cm and a height of 198 cm. It can be installed both indoors and outdoors. Thanks to the front opening, you can easily access the storage part of the compressed bottles, which are stored in a metal basket.

The machine core is the patented RiPRESS press equipped with an automatic greasing system. Thanks to RiPRESS, the C-FRONT eco-compactor is able to collect up to 6000 bottles.

Ripet has designed a patented press that compresses PET bottles up to 90% of their volume. In this way, the picking steps for the packaging are reduced and consequently CO2 emissions into the environment, as well as logistics costs.

The eco-compactor 4.0 guarantees:

  • Access to the collection system through app identification
  • An automatic recognition system of material
  • patented press for the volumetric reduction of the material
  • Centralized machine management and remote assistance
  • The integration of reward systems on the amount of material collected (shopping vouchers, deposit, etc.)
  • The tracking of the collection and taking charge of the primary packaging
  • The creation of statistical reports and KPIs (passage of users, bottles collected, etc.)

The graphics of the livery can be customized and the eco-compactor can be easily moved with a manual pallet truck.