Ricicletta is a recreational-promotional machine that collects PET bottles, designed to bring citizens closer and aware of the selective collection of plastic.

La Ricicletta combines two important themes such as sport and the environment.
It works exclusively with pedals and occupies a space on the ground of 80×80cm for a height of 180cm.
Its use is very simple: just get on the saddle of the spin bike connected to the binder and start pedalling. Maintaining a constant pedal stroke, the bottles can be introduced one at a time until the end of the recycling cycle.

If the user has registered with the RICICLETTA App, which can be easily installed via the AppStore or PlayStore, he will be able to identify himself and connect with the eco-compactor.
By then activating the smartphone camera, it will be enough to scan the type of bottle introduced to acquire the reference score.