Smaller than the C-FRONT model, but no less innovative, the C-SLIM is a latest generation machine. Inside, the patented RiPRESS press with automatic greasing system allows you to collect up to 2000 PET bottles.

Ripet has designed a patented press that compresses PET bottles up to 90% of their volume. In this way, the picking steps for the packaging are reduced and consequently CO2 emissions into the environment, as well as logistics costs.

The eco-compactor 4.0 guarantees:

  • Access to the collection system through app identification
  • An automatic recognition system of the waste
  • A patented press for the volumetric reduction of the material
  • Centralized machine management and remote assistance
  • The integration of reward systems on the amount of material collected (shopping vouchers, deposit, etc.)
  • The tracking of the collection and taking charge of the primary packaging
  • The creation of statistical reports and KPIs (passage of users, bottles collected, etc.)


Width 100 cm

Depth 160 cm

Height 198 cm


With hand pallet truck


With single-phase socket positioned on the back.